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Expectant Parents

Dr. Craig is competent in the use of a pre-birth chiropractic method known as the Webster Technique. 

The Webster Technique is used specifically to ease the birthing process for both the mother and the child. According to the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, sacral misalignment - which the Webster Technique treats - may interfere with nerve function, tighten muscles in the pelvis, or cause the pelvis to be oriented badly so that a baby may be prevented from assuming a good position before birth. Proper orientation of the baby within the uterus allows for less stress, less pain, and greater ease of delivery during labor.

Writing on the blog, Birth Without Fear (http://birthwithoutfearblog.com)

Dr. Brandon Harshe of Carrollton, TX says, “If you are pregnant, the time to get under chiropractic care is yesterday. Chiropractic, including the Webster Technique, will stack the cards in favor of you and your growing baby.”

If you're expecting, please contact Dr. Craig today to schedule an appointment to discuss how this chiropractic method can help you and your baby.

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